The First Line of Defense

We are the leading suppliers of filled and unfilled sandbags of wide range of quality & materials in UAE and Middle East and add on value as per customer requirement at economical prices. Our sandbags are available in white, green, orange, tan, beige and other customs colors The sandbags are manufactured from jute hessian or woven polypropylene. All our sand bags are manufactured to the superior quality and can be supplied filled or unfilled. Filled sandbags are delivered with the optimum amount of regular dry soil to provide a very effective for application. We offer Sand bags in various specifications, sizes and available in various colors

Type of Sand Bags:

  • A. Burlap/ Hessian/Jute Type
    • Available in many size with string, tag
    • Printing option & 100% biodegradable
    • Eco-friendly
    • Treated to protect against Rot/Sunlight/mildew

  • B. Polypropylene Type
    • Woven Polypropylene Sandbags with UV Coating Protection, Ties Included
    • PP Sand bag with any customized size, color, thickness
    • UV Protection
    • High durability with excellent tearing strength
    • Available in many size, also can be customized as per customer request
    • Resistant to tearing
    • Denier: 650D to 2000D
    • GSM: 40gsm- 140gsm
    • Mesh Weave: As per customer requirement
    • Print: as per customer requirement


  • Flood control and protection
  • Prevention and Protection against the Flood control
  • Used for the development of roads, traffic and road signs
  • For the Erosion control
  • Defense/Military Uses
  • Reinforcing existing dike structures
  • Erosion control
  • Temporary Wall construction
  • Providing extra weight for traffic barrier / road signs

Filling Material:

Sand/Sweet Soil/Regular dry sand is by far the easiest & best material for filling and shaping sandbags and becomes heavier when saturated from rain or moisture. The coarseness should be such level that the material doesn’t not leak out of bags.

Sandbags Filling

We do provide filling also to sand bags as per customer requirement and deliver with proper palletized manner.

  • 1. Fill sand bags up to three fourth size of bag
  • 2. Tie sand bags
  • 3. Arrange on wooden pallet &each sand bag pallet contain 100 sand bags
  • 4. Professionally Filled and stacked
  • 5. All palletized materials will not exceed 5 ft (1.5 m) in total height
  • 6. Shrink wrap of Pallets
  • 7. Fast turn around

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